Friday, December 14, 2012

Frugal to a Fault

 Frugal to a fault!  This discribes me now, so the user name Shantyboat Sue suits me in several ways. Having reached retirement age with an income that is more limited, I am up for the challenge. I borrow this credo from Harlan and Anna Hubbard: What we need is at hand.

So I am using this blog to publish the book I wrote for my three granddaughters that is centered on their fictional adventure in Payne Hollow.  I have gotten lots of good feedback and encouragement from many who knew Harlan and Anna well.  The story was finished in 2001.  It's overdue to publish this so it will not be lost. I like to think of it as my message in a bottle.

A friend who read the story said, "It's about you!"  I enjoy the wild and the garden.  I love animals, children, and family.  The river way of life is a on-going fascination to me.  I hope you enjoy the simple story brought forth from all these interests.

After Rainbow Catchers, the story, I will post some Hubbard memorabilia and artwork in my collection, including photos of the shantyboat model I am working on.  The photo for this blog displays a two dimensional doll (Shantyboat Sue herself), and she's dressed with found scraps, including lace from the wedding dress I made for my daughter Paige.  The small blue embroidered trim is from my mother, which must be at least 60 years old.  Her hat a cap from the acorn of a Burr Oak.  All a good example of using what I already have, or what is at hand.  The miniature dresser is a real find, as each drawer opens.  The watercolor sketch is an original by Harlan Hubbard.

Dr. Rosenthal at Hanover College, and Don Wallis were especially kind and encouraged me with this little book.  Along with Ron, my husband of fifty years, my family and friends, special thanks goes to Marian George of Cobden, Illinois.  She helped and encouraged me with this project, and she kindly never told me how far I had to go.

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